Data on intensity-duration-frequency or design rainfall are one of the most
important information required for various hydrological and water resources
studies. However, such crucial data are often unavailable in various parts of the
world due to lack of enough rain gauging stations. It is not only tedious to
determine design rainfall from the raw data but also occasionally impossible to
calculate due to lack or absence of short-duration rainfall data. Generally, the
manual rain gauges outnumber the automatic gauges, making it difficult to have
adequate data on short-duration rainfall values, which is very important for urban
hydrology. However, no graphical or mathematical relation could be found in the
literature, which can be used for quick estimation of short-duration design rainfall
from the daily rainfall data recorded by the manual stations. Annual maximum
rainfall data from 143 rain gauging stations located at Klang Valley in Malaysia
were used in this study.

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