Malaysia was officially launched Malaysia Green Highway Index (MyGHI) manual as a guideline to confirm the green credential of a highway, this concept is at the conforming stage in Malaysia with seventeen (17) operated tolled highway projects and eleven (11) other registered and awaiting assessment for certification. Subsequently, INFRASTAR developed as an evidence-based rating system for infrastructure projects. Further measurement should be taken into account from the perspectives of highway concessions and stakeholders. Thus, this is not only to focus on the rating scores; as well as to highlight the driven factors that lead to Malaysia’s green highway implementation. The primary constructs of this research model namely green highway challenges, green highway characteristics and green highway
implementation are assessed. A total of 63 surveys from 81 surveys were responded (77.8% of responses rate). The response rate was high, and there was no evidence of bias noted. The statistical result of this study corroborates the exploratory study interviewed earlier which suggested a positive relationship between green highway characteristics and green highway implementation. Besides, all the constructs represent 12.8%, 37.7% and 96.2% of factors for challenges and characteristics towards green highway implementation in Malaysia’s operated tolled highway projects, respectively. Implications and future research directions of this study are discussed.

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