The forested area around Kuala Keniam is a part of Taman Negara (Pahang) and is categorized as a primary lowland dipterocarp, riparian fringe and limestone forests. A study of flora that focuses on the trees and shrubs was conducted during the scientific expedition in September 2020, organised by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). The results identified as many as 187 taxa of trees and shrubs consisting of 124 genera and 49 plant families from the lowland dipterocarp forest. A total of nine endemic taxa to Peninsular Malaysia were also recorded namely Aporosa globifera, Baccaurea pyriformis, Cinnamomum mollissimum, Enicosanthum fuscum, Lithocarpus curtisii, Mallotus griffithianus, M. penangensis, Ryparosa fasciculata and Schoutenia kunstleri. Another three taxa viz. Elaeocarpus obtusatus ssp. apiculatus, Popowia tomentosa and Sterculia rubiginosa var. setistipula were considered as the new additional record for Pahang state. It is hoped that the information from this study can be used as references to help other researchers as well as stakeholders in ecotourism management and forest conservation plan.

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